MM issue came all the way to Nagoya to make a woman AV debut! It takes about 2 weeks for a super cute active female college student who goes to a lady's university, and is an AV appearance negotiation! Please see the embarrassing SEX that is fascinating in front of the camera for the first time in the MM issue that the active student girl college student who had talked about at the end of her life stopped near the university! ! !MM号が1人の女性をAVデビューさせる為、はるばる名古屋にやって来た!お嬢様大学に通う、アイドル級に超可愛い現役女子大生を約2週間かけて、AV出演交渉!遂に口説き落とした才色兼備の現役女子大生が大学の近くに停めたMM号の中で大開脚、初めてカメラの前で魅せる恥じらいSEXをご覧ください!!!