When Jariman girls invite men friends for etiquette to a drinking party, they come to a drinking party too much and how much it is Yariman It is hard to oppose this number of people so it is difficult to call a female friend and try to make a friend of a male friend It is not Yariman only Ubu girls! The called Ubu girls are not able to escape, but they are seeded consecutively, but they are insufficient to launch! Yariman who thought it poorly added another girl friend together! And a nonstop consecutive big mess up until ヤリマン女子がエッチ目当ての男友達を飲み会に誘ったら大勢来すぎて、いくらヤリマンとは言えこの人数を相手にするのは大変なので女友達を呼び出して男友達の相手をさせようとすると来れるのはヤリマンじゃないウブ女子だけ!呼び出されたウブ女子は逃げられず連続種付けセックスをされるが発射し足りない絶倫ヤリチンたち!それを可哀想に思ったヤリマンは更に別の女友達を追加招集!そして朝までノンストップ連続大乱交!